Europeans like to celebrate! So celebrate not only your "birth" day but your "name" day as well! Extra coffee, cake and maybe flowers for you on your name day!

This "Name Day" app includes the Name Day's from 14 European countries, which makes it the perfect "Name Day" reference for your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Countries include:
Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia


Look up a name by letter, or see what names are being celebrated by date.

Saved List:
Create and save your own list of special names that you can use to remind you of everyone's special day.

Automatic "Name Day" Email Greeting Generator:
Surprise everyone with a Happy Name's Day email sent from the convenience of your iPhone! The automatically generated email note wishes them a Happy Name Day and gives them a little reminder that you are thinking of them. You can even tailor the email with your own special note.

Aren't you thoughtful? Yes! Now, just hope they remember yours...

Please Note:
This app does not contain the Name Days for Sweden. We do offer a Swedish Version of Name Day that has a little more information for the Name Days.

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